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Assisted Reproduction Buffalo and Cattle

FertPlus Peptide and Assay increases Fertility for In Vitro Fertilization in Buffalo and Cattle
All species have a certain rate of sub-fertility in males that can be assigned to diminished sperm binding to the egg.  Adding FertPlus Peptide to sperm prior to Artificial Insemination (AI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) increases fertility.

PPK is working with the Government of India to adapt our Fertility Solutions to the IVF and AI processes for the Indigenous breeds of Buffalo and Cattle.

The benefits of deploying our fertility peptide include;
  • Increased the number of offspring of genetically superior cattle and buffalo

  • Generate more offspring from rare or elite genetic stock

  • Offspring from elite genetic offspring advances the genetic merits of the breed population

  • Elite genetic offspring from IVF can help deliver the genetic merits to the population faster than artificial insemination

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