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FertPlus antibody Flow Cytometer Assay
Our flow cytometer format eliminates previous manual-microscopic assays.

FertPlus Assay used to sort out fertile versus subfertile males, and effect of semen treatments.  A Practical In Vitro Sperm-Egg Binding Assay That Detects Subfertile Males'

The effects of in vitro exposure of sperm to synthetic FertPlus® peptide.  Exposure of Human, Boar, or Bull Sperm to a Synthetic Peptide Increases Binding to an Egg-Membrane Substrate

FertPlus IVF Study

  FertPlus In Vitro Fertilization Study.  Increased in vitro binding and fertilizing ability of mouse sperm exposed to a synthetic peptide.  Note:  Advances in biomanufacturing have reduced the cost of FertPlus Peptide to a fraction of previous costs.

FertPlus Flow Cytometer Study

  FertPlus flow cytometer.  Analysis of sperm cell viability, acrosomal integrity, and mitochondrial function using flow cytometry.  Note:  Decades of experience of spectral analysis now allows the FertPlus Assay to include "direct measurement of fertility".

FertPlus Application Studies

  Detection of differences in fertility.  Dozens of publications followed the early introduction of the concepts into male management practices.

 In Vitro Evaluation of Sperm Quality - An Opinion. Evaluation of sperm quality usually is linked with the desire to predict fertility in a clinical setting or to enable maximum number of offspring from a valuable sire.
 Increases in fertility.  Exposure of thawed frozen bull sperm to a synthetic peptide before artificial insemination increases fertility.
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