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FertPlus Assay Increases Hatch of Set

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In 1999, Dr. David L. Pollock, a renowned poultry geneticist, predicted that fertility in poultry would continue to decline year over year until a 20% or greater decline forced a change in the management of fertility.  Now, 24 years after Dr. Pollocks prediction, management of fertility is recognized as an important economic issue.

PPK's FertPlus Assay increases are documented in published  literature and demonstrated in field applications.  FertPlus Assay offers the capacity to increase profits in existing operation. FertPlus Assay offers a technology advantage over competitors.  An important factor in a highly competitive market.
In a Southern India poultry farm, 350 roosters were evaluated using a FertPlus Assay, measuring the percentage of sperm bound to an egg membrane.  The binding results were rank ordered from the lowest to the high percentage of sperm bound.  Then two groups of 70 roosters were selected.  One group with "low" binding and one group with "high" binding.  The range of the two groups binding is shown in the graphic.  In production, the "high" binding group delivered 2% more hatch of set.

FertPlus Increases flock performance 

Maximize your egg production with FertPlus Assay! Our cutting-edge screening process identifies the roosters with the best fertility, allowing you to achieve higher yields. FertPlus roosters increases egg set output in two ways.  First FertPlus roosters increase fertile eggs per set.  Second, the increased performance allows the flock to extend the flock lifespan.
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